Who We Are

What exactly do we do?

We aim to envoke activity in quieter airspace pockets around the Asia Pacific Region. The Project aims to bring a significant increase of uptime to encourage traffic and other local controllers to come visit the area.


We aim to meet the following objectives listed below.

Increase activity by 75%

The Specialists Project aims to build a positive slope of activity of 75%+ in the areas we visit within the first month. We have many controllers who are always wishing to expand their knowledge and learn about fresh FIR's worldwide.

Get within the top 5 controlled positions

Adding onto the previously mentioned activity, we want to bring these new positions into the top 5 most controlled area in VATSIM. We aim to keep at least one of these positions on the list for the entirety of the time we are approved in the area.

Explore new parts of the world

To keep things fresh, we try to add some spices to the mix by going to different areas every three months. We also look for quiet places and some challenging airports to keep The Project Controllers on their feet.

Introduce Specialists Project Controllers to Local Controllers

Finally, we hope to mix our controllers with the locals of the areas we visit so new friendships and professional environments can be made further expanding the globalists view we try to achieve for all our controllers.

Project Areas

Current Locations.

We currently cover the countries of Fiji, New Caledonia, Mongolia and Vanuatu.

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